Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer Reviews and Testimonials


Neverwet truly stands by their lifetime transferable warranty! I purchased my home last summer. The previous owners had installed the Neverwet basement system. This winter I experienced drainage issues in my front yard. I called Neverwet and spoke with Michele who was very pleasant and understanding. Kevin, one of the owners, promptly came over to evaluate the situation. He determined that the drain line from the sump pump needed to be extended and connected to the storm sewer. Kevin obtained the necessary permit from the village and had his crew (Jordan and Stirling) perform the work at no additional cost. I am very appreciative of the quick response and excellent customer service from the start to the finish of the project. I highly recommend Neverwet. They stand behind their warranty and do quality work. You will not be disappointed.
Thank you Neverwet!

Emily M.

Recently Neverwet Basement Waterproofing turned my 100 year old basement into an area I no longer dread visiting from time to time. It is brighter, no musty smell, black mildew on walls covered with white water proofing paint and many more features of their process. Chris the sales person convinced me by his well organized presentation what needed to be done and how they would turn a very compromised basement into a useable living space. The work crews stayed on schedule were hard working and very respectable which was important to me since the job was 9-5 for 4 days and I was in the house. They just went about their business. I believe they completed the task before the scheduled date and believe me it was a huge undertaking. I cant say enough about Kevin G***** . He also kept in touch, mostly by phone, person to person. I liked that. He called with the schedule and called to tell me each morning the crew was on the way. He also inspected progress each day. To summarize: Kevin's company completed a job leaving me with peace of mind. If a rating was asked for, I would give the company a rating of 10 out of 10. I will highly recommend Neverwet Basement Waterproofing to all of my friends.Thank you Neverwet!

Kathleen M.

This company waterproofed my basement and did an excellent job. The owners patiently and thoroughly explained every step of the process. Their workmen were efficient, courteous and very diligent. The office personnel (Michele) was an excellent communicator and it was very easy to contact Neil and Kevin with any questions. I highly recommend this company for and basement waterproofing jobs.

Karen T. Victor NY

Chris, Neil, and Kevin
Words can’t express how appreciative and grateful I am for your kindness and hard work! You give customer service a whole new level! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so understanding and helpful. You will always have a rave review from me!!! Thanks again


Neverwet was Great!!!  I had a huge job for them to do.  I had several water issues with my finished basement and as a result, I had mold starting on the walls.  Neverwet came in and removed all the drywall and junk that was contaminated in the basement (three dump trailers full) and then proceeded to repair my basement and make it water tight.  The crew worked fast and made sure they cleaned up at the end of each day. In all, it took 8 working days to complete due to a large amount of demolition that was required.  They were very accommodating and went the extra mile for me.  I have a very serious heart condition and they did extra work so that I did not have to.  Since the completion of the job, we have had several rain events and there has not been one drop of water into the basement.  Two weeks ago we had one event that dropped almost 6 inches of rain in 3 days and there were no issues in the basement.  I would recommend these guys to anyone that is in need of getting their basement dry.  Kevin and his team were great.   Thank you again for giving me one less issue to worry about.

Clinton Bogart

This is a superior company to work with. Extremely professional, honest, and friendly to work with. Neverwet came recommended to me by a friend last year when my basement was literally under water. Neil the owner came out himself to do the estimate in hours of notice from my friend that I desperately needed help with the situation in my basement as soon as possible. Neil saw the condition my basement was in and re-arranged his crew to work additional hours outside of the normal work day to get the work done that was required to keep my basement from further flooding. My basement was literally a swimming pool. I've never seen this kind of work being done to jackhammer cement and literally carry hundreds of buckets of cement from the basement to outdoors while still taking every step to keep my house as clean as possible even thought the work was the messiest type of work I've ever seen anyone have to do. When they were finished with the job, they cleaned up after themselves and left my basement in a condition I had never seen it in before. The walls were cleaned of the mold and nice white sheets of mold preventive plastic was put up, the cement floor looked brand new where they had to dig the holes to put all new tiles beneath the floor. It was absolutely the best work I had ever seen completed in such a short time. They did a fantastic job and I never had a water issue again, and their work comes with lifetime warranty. My basement was dry and odor free. 1 year later I sold this home and bought another to which I knew going in I was going to have water issues in the basement. The previous owners had another company come in and do work in the basement, however it was clear that what they did was not working as there was water on the floor and the wall blocks were soaked with water. I knew I was voiding the warranty which came with the home from the other company, however I knew I was making a better decision by having Neverwet come in and do the work. Again Neil and his team did an exemplary job again in a very short time frame as I had a move date already booked. Neil helped with other issues which I had which went above and beyond the job he was hired to do. He and his team take great pride in their work and in doing what ever is necessary to make the customer happy and stress free while the work is being done. Now I have a basement in my new home that I don't feel is like a dungeon. It's clean, dry, and odor free. I've now used Neverwet twice in the last two years and I would highly without any hesitation recommend this company to everyone. I wish that every company I've had to interface with over the years had the same integrity and professionalism that Neil and his team bring to the table when getting a job done. It would make the life of a consumer much easier when trying to get work done correctly, on time, and worry free. Hire Neverwet, you will not regret it!!!

Kathy O.

When neverwet guarantees you 100% satisfaction they are not kidding! From start to finish I was very happy with neil, kevin and their work crew. I felt very comfortable they were honest and reliable which they provided throughout the process. The spot I had the most trouble with was dry after the work was finished initially however within a month I was having some minor water seepage. I called Kevin and he stopped personally to review the situation then sent his crew on a Saturday to rectify the situation which entailed re-digging and installing additional drainage pipe. I am happy to say that we are no longer having the issue. I was very pleased with the commitment by kevin and neverwet to their 100% guarantee of lifetime warranty against water seepage. I highly recommend neverwet.

Nick S.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your crew did an excellent job on my basement. You don't know how I feel knowing that I can go in my basement and not see water and mud. It is a big weight off of my shoulders. I've told people about your company and highly recommend you.Neil did a great job on his presentation to hire your company. I felt comfortable with him and he was honest with me and my son. A big thanks to Kevin. He kept me posted on every step. He answered my questions that I had. Keep up the great work. You guys are the best!

Barb E.

This is a great company and the two men that own/run the business are highly professional and very accommodating. Neil came to the house to look at the issue and then discuss what his recommendations would be. Kevin actually came to the house with a crew and did the work. They showed up on time. They were very respectful to my house, putting down drop cloths to protect my flooring and trying their best to keep it clean. They picked up everything each day before they left. The job was completed on-time and although there were a couple unexpected issues, there was no extra charge for the work they performed. I mean they pulled a boulder out of the corner of the basement that 3 adults could sit on! I would highly recommend this company if you are having water issues in your basement. I had a second estimate done by another company (out of PA) and they were over $10k higher for the SAME work! Fantastic company.

Casey M.

Our basement was damp and had mold on the walls. Neil explained what was needed inside and out and made us comfortable that his firm could cure the problems. When the work started, Kevin and crew were very friendly and took care to protect our house and property. They were professional and explained the steps of waterproofing, answering our questions. After digging the trench outside, topsoil was spread and seeded. The final cleanup included sweeping and power washing the garage and driveway. Our basement is much dryer and odor-free now.

David H.

It was a pleasure to work with Neil and Kevin on our basement waterproofing project. We chose Neverwet because they were very honest and upfront and did not pressure or oversell the job. They were attentive to our needs and made sure the job was done correctly. If there were any changes that needed to be made they made sure to check with us first. Even during one of the coldest winters in Rochester they were able to get the job done. They even offered to come back in the spring to make sure that our lawn was in good shape. If you have any reservations on whether or not to go with Neverwet, let a happy customer tell you that you will not be disappointed.

Devon T.

Everything Nevwerwet did was straight forward and well done. The issues with our basement and what needed to be done to fix them was clearly explained without pressure during the sales process. The project (during a very cold January) began when scheduled. The process of installing a perforated pipe along the perimeter of one's basement is a dirty, messy job. I have an extensive wood shop and Neverwet took the utmost precautions to keep my shop, laundry room and the rest of the basement as clean as possible. When they left, everything was cleaned and everything put back in place. As they promised, they came back this spring and cleaned up as well. I would recommend them to any one with a less than dry basement.

Cindy R.